Super Saturday

Saturday, I had the opportunity to assist the PR team at Super Saturday in the Hamptons. The event is considered a “garage sale” where many different vendors set up under a large tent to sell their items at a discount and everything benefits Ovarian Cancer Research. Miles, the PR Events intern and I caught a 6am bus to South Hamptons where we met Lauren, my boss and Robin, his boss. We grabbed a quick coffee and bagel at Hampton Coffee Company before heading to the tent to set up our table. While it was super hot, we were placed in a great location with not only a breeze but also a fan right in front of us, which helped to keep the heat down. I was in charge of keeping our merchandise maintained and refilling it when needed. We had a lot of people coming in and out, which was good for the brand! There were many celebrities there and I was able to help a few with their outfit choices, which was a fun experience.

For lunch, the event was catered by Sant Ambroeus and OMG was it delish. There was a huge buffet that was massive. I had a caprese salad, penne with eggplant and tomato sauce and salmon with quinoa and edamame. The best part was dessert! There were macaroons, s’mores tarts, tiramisu, gelato, fruit salad and more! And every part was just as yummy as the one before. After lunch, I was able to walk around a bit to see what all the different stands had to offer and even purchase some things. There were some amazing deals to be had, but I tried to contain myself… I just got some whitening toothpaste and a necklace, but oh my goodness, I could’ve spent a fortune, especially since it was all for charity.

After shopping, I spent the last few hours selling and helping customers before cleaning up and heading back to the bus to go to the city. It was a long and exhausting day, but full of fun and I would definitely do it over again!


View from our Spot


The Tents


More Tents


Brooks Brothers Crew


Kids Area

Brooks Brothers Internship Update

This summer has flown by… I can’t believe it’s already almost August! I’ve been interning at Brooks Brothers for the past month and a half and I absolutely love it there! I have been able to do a lot of work… aside from sample trafficking, I have been assisting on studio services – where TV and movie studios come in and pull clothes – celebrity dressing – I was able to help my boss dress Gus Kenworthy and Matthew Wilkas for the ESPYs – and I helped out with Press Week during Men’s Fashion Week when we hosted editors and some celebrities in our showroom to see our Spring 2017 collection. My time at Brooks has been amazing and I am not ready to see it come to an end!


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Here’s a picture of Gus and Matt at the ESPYs dressed head-to-toe in Brooks

SPANX Week 10

I can’t believe my last week at Spanx has finally come and gone. The summer went by so quickly, and I cannot believe it’s actually over. I have learned so much during my time at Spanx. Not only from my bosses and mentors, but from the amazing interns I was able to work with. We all came in not knowing one another, all from different places and left as amazing friends. The week was pretty laid-back just because they didn’t want to give me too many projects as it was my final wee there. And one of my bosses was out with a concussion part of the week :). I did, however, have a chance to work on Leg Up and get o see some of the interesting and creative inventions women entrepreneurs have come up with. On Thursday, my bosses took me to lunch, which was a lot of fun! It was nice to get out of the office with them! On Friday, the interns all presented our final project to the CEO of the company, along with the entire HR team. It was extremely nerve-wracking, but it was so cool to see our final project come together since we had been working on it the whole summer. The team really seemed to appreciate it, and they were all extremely interested in it! I really enjoyed my summer at Spanx, and it still hasn’t set in that it’s officially over 😦 I would encourage anyone who was interested in Spanx to apply; it was an incredible experience and I am so thankful for everything I learned and all the amazing people I met.

Below is my final week of outfits!



Top: Show Me Your Mumu, Pants: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here)


Top: Madewell, Pants: J.Crew, Sweater: Express (Old, Similar Here)


Dress: Sage (Old, Similar Here and Here), Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here and Here)


Dress: DVF


Dress: Sage (Old, Similar Here and Here), Vest: Elizabeth and James, Necklace: Kendra Scott

SPANX Week 9

I can’t believe next week is actually my last week at Spanx. This summer has really flown by! I have loved every experience I have gotten thus far! This week, it was just me and Charlotte at work since Caroline was out of town and Lindsay’s last day was Friday! It was a pretty relaxed week. I did a lot of send outs and worked on our intern project since we present it next week! Below is what I wore this week. Come back next week to see the final week of internship outfits!



Top: Lilly Pulitzer, Jeans: Lilly Pulitzer, Necklace: Kendra Scott



Top: Nordstrom (Old, Similar Here), Jeans: Madewell



Dress: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here)


Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar Here), Jeans: SPANX, Shoes: J.Crew (Old, Similar Here)



Dress: Free People (Old, Similar Here and Here)

SPANX Week 8

Sorry, this post is so delayed… my laptop was having issues and had to shipped off to an Apple center to see what was wrong :(Luckily, it’s working again! This week went by super fast, and it was Lindsay’s last week. I really just worked on orders again all week and we got a lot of new items shipped to us, so I spent the majority of the week going through all the items and distributing them to the correct teams. We’re also sending stuff to LA for a party there, so I had to divvy out all the items for that and start packing it all up. It was a lot of ‘traditional intern work,’ but I don’t mind it at all! Although, I did have a big mess up. I sent a delivery to LA instead of NYC. So I called the hotel and got them a label to ship it back to NYC, but instead it got sent back to us… It wasn’t as big of a disaster as I felt it was, but we were still able to get them the items they needed in time — thank goodness!  Below is what I wore each day this week! Come back next week to find out about week 9!



Sweater: Topshop (Old, Similar Here and Here), Skirt: J.Crew


Dress: Madewell (Old, Similar Here), Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here)


Top: Show Me Your Mumu (Other Colors Here), Jeans: Madewell


Shirt: Mom’s (Similar Here and Here), Jeans: Madewell


Almost all the Interns at lunch 🙂


Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (Old, Similar Here)

SPANX Week 7

Nothing too new happened this week. I had to put a mailer together to send out, which consisted of putting together 25 boxes, filling them with crinkle paper, putting the product in it, wrapping tape around it and then putting the postage stamp on it and the address label. It was a lot of work, but they turned out really cute and my bosses were really excited to see them all put together. The other big event that happened this week was that I, along with two other interns, had to move desks. We were all three in an area near our bosses, but the desks were needed by new employees, so we moved to a different area. Our new are we nicknamed “Intern Island” because there is literally no one else around us. It actually has been really fun sitting in our new desks, because it’s only us interns around. I can’t believe that there are only three weeks left; I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! Below is what I wore each day this week! Come back next week to find out about week 8!



Dress: Free People (Old Similar Here), Shoes: Freebird Steve Madden (Old, Similar Here)


Dress: Dress Up (Old, Similar Here), Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here)


Tank: Show Me Your Mumu, Blazer: Banana Republic, Leggings: J. Crew 


Checkered Shirt: J.Crew, Short-Seeve Shirt: J. Crew (Old), Skirt: J.Crew (Old, Similar Here)


T-Shirt: Anthropologie, Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Freebird Steve Madden (Old, Similar Here)

New Desk View 🙂


SPANX Week 6

This week was no different than the rest. I would get in, do the orders I had in the morning to send in and then wait for a new assignment. One project I was working on was transcribing a speech Sara gave at a conference. And let me tell you, it was no small undertaking. It was around 46 minutes and took me 2 days and 9 pages in word 🙂 But I was able to do it and my boss was impressed; though I was cross-eyed after staring at the computer for that long. This week was packed with a lot of meetings. 3 of which pertained to the intern project all the interns were working on. It was a really long week, and I’m thankful that it’s over. I can’t believe I only have a few more weeks left! Below is what I wore each day this week! Come back next week to find out about week 7!




Dress: Anthropologie (Old, Similar Here), Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here)



Dress: Aqua (Old, Similar Here, Here, and Here), Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here)



Dress: Juicy Couture (Old, Similar Here and Here), Sweater: Express (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Chanel, Necklace: Kendra Scott



Dress: Alice & Olivia (Old, Similar Here), Sweater: Express (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Chanel, Necklace: Kendra Scott


Shirt: Free People (Old, Similar Here), Jeans: Madewell, Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Madewell


SPANX Week 5

This week was slightly slow, but it was kind of nice after the rush of last week. The head of PR was out of town, and with 4th of July, it was a short week! I really didn’t have a lot of tasks to do, so I was able to relax really and get everything settled in the office. I was able to stay with my grandparents, since they live right next to the office, and got to sleep a whole extra hour {thanks Mimi :)}And since my family was in town, it was really nice only working three and a half days and leaving every day by 5:30! Below is what I wore each day this week! Come back next week to find out about week 6! XX IMG_4791

Dress: T by Alexander Wang (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Chanel, Gold Ball Necklace: Chelsea Market

IMG_4800 IMG_4803

Shirt: Madewell (Old, Similar Here), Madewell (Old, Similar Here), Sweater: Express (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Chanel


Jean Jacket: Gap, Dress: Free People (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Tory Burch


Shirt: Johnny Was (Old, Similar Here), Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Madewell, Necklace: Kendra Scott

SPANX Week 4

Well this is a little late, but the weekend was a bit hectic. I can’t believe week 4 has come and gone already and I am (now) in week 5 — half way. This week we officially started in our new office. The week consisted of a lot of unpacking and getting organized, which isn’t always fun, but it was interesting to see it all unfold. I, with two other interns, helped another intern unpack her closet and log everything into a system. As much work as it was, the four of us had so much fun together and really got to know each other. I didn’t really do much PR stuff, aside from sending a few items for red carpet events (which is so fun!), but it was nice to actually interact with the other interns! Below is what I wore each day this week! Come back next week to find out about week 5!



T-Shirt: T by Alexander Wang, Kimono: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, See All Here), Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Chanel


Shirt: Lou & Grey (Similar Here), Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Chanel


Dress: Madewell (Old, Similar Here), Pink Necklace: Banana Republic, Shoes: Chanel


Dress: Madewell, Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Steve Madden (Old, Similar Here)


Shirt: Anthropologie, Jeans: AG Jeans, Shoes: J.Crew (Old, Similar Here and Here)

SPANX Week 3

This week was probably the most hectic week. My boss was out of town for most of it, and the rest of the week was spent packing. We have officially moved into our new office, and it is INCREDIBLE! It is the most beautiful and fun office space I have ever seen, and I am so excited for Monday to be here to officially start working in it! I didn’t really do much else this week other than pack, but that’s part of being an intern! I am excited for the new office, getting settled, and getting new projects to work on! Below is what I wore each day this week! Come back next week to find out about week 4!



Dress: Madewell, Sweater: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Via Spiga


Top: Show Me Your Mumu, Jeans: J Brand (Old, Similar Here and Here), Shoes: Steve Madden

IMG_4612Shirt: Joie (Old, Similar Here), Jeans: J Brand (Old, Similar Here), Shoes: Chinese Laundry (Old, Similar Here)

Top: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here), Jeans: Lilly Pulitzer, Shoes: Delman


Top: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here and Here), Pants: Show Me Your Mumu (Old, Similar Here)

Here’s a sneank peek of my new view 🙂