Travel Diary: Capri

This past weekend, I met up with my friend Victoria from elementary-high school in Capri. We left on Thursday and took the same train to Naples, but it was super crowded, so we weren’t able to sit together. Once we got to Naples, we took the ferry to Capri, which took about an hour. We didn’t get in until late Thursday evening, so we walked around Anacapri, where our hotel was, and found a place to grab dinner, before going back to the hotel to relax a bit.



Sunset night 1


Friday morning, we got up and went to the town of Capri to take a boat tour around the island to see the sights. We were supposed to go to the Blue Grotto, but it was a 3-hour wait, so we decided to pass on that! Once we got back to port, we wanted to go to Capri Centro to walk around the shops and grab a bite to eat. Well, we didn’t realize how far and uphill the center was from the port. By the time we got to the top, we were both panting and sweating. Luckily, waiting at the top was a drink stand that had lemon slush with fresh squeezed orange juice – like he squeezed the oranges in front of me directly into the cup. It was literally the BEST thing I have ever had. It was so fresh and much needed after our killer hike. We also later learned there’s a funicular that you can take up, but we rewarded ourselves with yummy food instead! After we had grabbed a bite, we took a cab back to the hotel to change into our swimsuits to go the beach club. The taxis in Capri are so fun – they are all open air, so it’s like one big convertible, which is really nice in the sun! We spent some time soaking up the rays and then headed back to the hotel to change for dinner. We had read on trip advisor about some places and decided to try one that wasn’t too far away. However, when we got there, it was closed… so we got back on our phones to try and find another place to go, but while doing this, the owner came and, in very broken English, told us to come in… so we did! We were the only people there, for a while anyways, but enjoyed it and I think the sweet owner did too! I think we had some of the best food my whole time in Italy there – we had Caprese salad (with tomatoes and basil from the owners garden – she was very proud of that), Gnocchi Sorrento (with potatoes grown in her garden that had natural soil), and a fresh fish of the day. We didn’t realize when we got the fish that it was the whole fish and that we would have to debone it ourselves. Victoria and I both just stared at each other for a bit, but I told her if she cut off the head, I could do the fish.. and I actually did pretty well for my first time! We finished the night off with a drink at the hotel bar and then passed out.



View from breakfast



Delicous Lemon Slush and Orange Juice


From Kindergarten to Capri 



The deboned fish.. it was a lot better than it looks


Saturday morning we got up early and went to lay by the pool before Victoria had to leave. She was going back a day early, but we forgot to factor in the time of the ferry to get her back, so she left a little earlier than we had anticipated. After she left, I stayed by the pool for a while before cleaning up to grab lunch and shop a little more. After lunch, I went to ride the chairlift to the top of the mountain for beautiful views of the island and the surrounding area. I went back to town to shop a bit before getting dinner and calling it a night.



From the Top of the Chairlift



Sunday I got up and got ready for the big travel day back to Florence. It was such a fun trip and it was really fun to share it with a friend I’ve known for 16 years! We had a great time and I cannot wait to go back to Capri one day! This week is my last week before finals and I cannot believe that was my last trip before the end of the semester.. it has gone by so quickly!



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