Travel Diary – Prague

This past weekend, Lizzy, Jenny and I made our way to Prague. We arrived late Friday night and went straight to bed. Saturday morning, we got up and walked over to the Jewish Quarter to explore a bit and grab breakfast. Jenny wanted to see this area, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on since Passover just started. We found a cute place for breakfast and enjoyed the warm food and the heat since it was COLD!!! We then walked over to the Old Town Square to explore a bit and see the Astronomical Clock. We then walked through a cute market and warmed up with Chimney Cakes before finding ourselves inside a special exhibit of Warhol, Dalí, and Mucha. There were so many amazing pieces there, but my favorite was Warhol! We then joined a walking tour of the city and walked all over learning about the history of Prague and the buildings there. It’s a really amazing city and I didn’t know much of its history before, but I definitely learned a lot. We got to see the Old Town Square, the New Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, the Municipal House, Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle from across the river. We finished the night off at a cute restaurant with yummy food before calling it a night!


Old Town Square


Astronomical Clock


Warhol Exhibit 


Warhol Exhibit


Warhol Exhibit

Sunday morning, we got up and went to a bagel place for breakfast – it was so nice to have a bagel, the Italia’s don’t really have them, so that was a nice treat! We then walked over to the John Lennon wall and took pictures and listened to a guy play Beatles music there. We then walked back over to the Charles Bridge and climbed to the top of it to see all of Prague. It was FREEZING this day – like 40s, so it was a quick trip to the top and then back down to Starbucks! Lizzy and I stopped to get garnet rings since it is the speciality of Prague (and they were super cheap!). We got another Chimney Cake and ate them in the sun, before it went away, before our tour of Prague Castle. For the tour, we met in front of the Rudolfinum, which is a music and art gallery and a really pretty building. We then made the trip to Prague Castle and got to see some of the churches and famous sights there. It is a massive area and when it’s cold, it is not so fun to see. It really was beautiful, but at one point it started to snow, so we called it quits after three hours. Don’t let the pictures fool you – it was COLD! We finished our night off with some goulash and fried cheese, Czech specialties, and hit the hay before our 6am flight.


Lennon Wall


Lennon Wall


Lennon Wall


Lennon Wall


View of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge Tower


View of Prague from Charles Bridge Tower


Chimney Cake


Prague Castle


View from Prague Castle — See it was cold 🙂

I really loved Prague and would love to go back when it’s warmer. It reminded me a lot of Budapest and I really enjoyed my time there!


One thought on “Travel Diary – Prague

  1. Leslie Wallace says:

    Lovely descriptions and thoughts. It gave my heart a tweak that you like Warhol so much…there is a lot of common ground in what we each find special, charming, lovable in art, architecture, history, geography. That of course affirms a kindred spirit with you that I’ve felt from almost the day you were born. I’m a VERY lucky, grateful Mimi!!

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