Travel Diary – Barcelona

Friday night Lizzy, Jenny, Maggie (Jenny’s friend from FIT), Danielle (a friend from NYC) and I arrived in Barcelona. After checking into our AirBNB, we went searching for food. There wasn’t much open around us at midnight, but we found a small bar right next door that was open and had food. We went in and sat down to order only to find out the owner spoke no English and didn’t have a written menu. However, his friend who was having a drink at the bar spoke English, so he translated everything for us. He was the nicest man and was telling us stories of when he travelled to the states – he had been Florida, Georgia, and New York City and loved that he had been to places we lived in. We ended up having some amazing tapas but were all exhausted so we went back to our apartment and to bed.

Saturday morning, we got up early and walked to a square to meet for a walking tour. Barcelona is extremely spread out, so the tour focused mainly on the old city since it was walkable. It was nice to be able to get background information on what we were looking at and we saw a number of things we wouldn’t have ever seen otherwise. Once we finished the tour we went to grab lunch and then decided to go see some of the Gaudí houses. On our way to see them, we shopped along the way and found some cute stuff that you could only get in Barcelona (or so we’d like to think). We finally made it to two of the houses and they were amazing. The architecture in Barcelona is so different from anything I have ever seen and I really loved seeing it all in person – it’s a nice change from Florence . After we saw two of the houses we were exhausted, so we walked back to the apartment and relaxed and changed before dinner. Jenny’s best friend from home happened to also be in Barcelona, so we met her and her friend for another yummy tapas dinner. We didn’t finish until midnight, so we went back home and to bed.


Barcelona Cathedral


Picasso Art


In front of Gaudí House

Sunday morning Jenny and I got up and got massages at the W – my 21st birthday gift to her. We met up with everyone else on the beach after and enjoyed yummy tapas by the ocean. We then went to Park Güell and wandered around there for a bit to see all the mosaics. It was really beautiful, but a lot smaller than I had expected or anticipated. We then walked from there to Sagrada Família to see the church. It was the most insane church I think I have ever seen. Construction started in 1882 and it is still not yet finished. The church was breathtaking on the inside and had rainbow stain glass all over. Pictures do not do it justice, but it was worth the trip. We finished the night at a restaurant called Brunch & Cake, Jenny had been dying to go, so we had breakfast for dinner. Yet again, it was another amazing meal. While we were at dinner, I got a message from my friend Mallory from high school that she was in Barcelona too, so we met up with her at IceBarcelona – an ice bar. It was so nice to see her and catch up, but we also had a really fun time in the ice. We then said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.


Park Güell


Park Güell


Park Güell


Sagrada Família


Sagrada Família


Sagrada Família 


IceBarcelona with Mallory

This morning we got up and went to the airport to fly back to Florence. It was a short trip, but I definitely want to go back. We got to see the major sites, but there is a lot more that I would love to see!

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