Travel Diary: Cinque Terre

Yesterday, Kayleigh, Lizzy and I took a day trip to Cinque Terre. We took a 2-hour bus ride to La Spezia where we got on a train that took us to all the different towns of Cinque Terre. We only visited 3 towns, but they were all beautiful. The first town we visited was Manarola and was the picturesque town with colorful houses on the water. The weather was chilly and a little rainy, but it was still a lot of fun. We only spent a bit of time in Manarola before taking the train to Vernazza where we had a delicious lunch. Apparently Cinque Terre is where pesto was created, so they have pesto everything. We had pesto pizza for lunch and it did not disappoint. After lunch in Vernazza, we took a 2-hour hike to Monterosso al Mare. The hike was not too strenuous, just long and there we, as a group, went pretty slow. It was a pretty hike that led us to the beach town of Monterosso al Mare. Once we arrived there, we indulged ourselves in some margarita buckets and fried crab claws. Everything was absolutely delicious. Though it was overcast and a bit cool, it was perfect for the hike and we really got to see the towns. It was a fun day, but we all came home exhausted! Next weekend we head to Barcelona for Jenny’s 21st birthday, which will be really fun!









Our “We’re wearing matching Cinque Terre shirts and just finished a hike to the beach” picture

One thought on “Travel Diary: Cinque Terre

  1. Leslie Wallace says:

    The photos of the villages are stunning!! A MUST SEE (someday…) Glad you did this; bet you’ll always be glad you did too!! xoxoxo

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