Travel Diary: Milan

This weekend, Lizzy, Kayleigh and I visited Milan. It happened to fashion week, and it was a nice little getaway from Florence (not that I don’t love it – it’s just nice to get away from our other roommates)! Kayleigh went to stay with her family, so it was just Lizzy and I Friday night, and then our friend Mary-Kate decided to come stay with us Saturday, which was fun to have her there too! It was a cold and rainy weekend in Milan, which was not good for this sick chick, but we still had a lot of fun!

Where We Stayed

The Yard Hotel

We stayed at The Yard Hotel, which may be one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever stayed at. The rooms were all sports themed and ours was Polo. The atmosphere of the hotel was really cool and quirky and we really enjoyed it. Friday night, Lizzy and I sat in the covered bar area and had a drink and people watched, which was really fun, since it was fashion week!

What We Did

Bus Tour

Since it was Lizzy’s first time to Milan, she wanted to see all the sights, including the “Last Supper” painting. Well, to see that, you have to book it months in advance, but we found a bus tour that took you to all the sights and tickets to the painting. I had done a tour like this my first time in Milan, but it was nice to do it again and really appreciate everything I saw. We started at La Scala, the opera house, and toured the museum. We then walked through the galleria over to the Duomo and were able to go inside, which was really cool. I had never done that before and it was beautiful. There was a lot of stain glass and it was not too busy, so we were able to enjoy the scenery. We then got back on the bus and did a driving tour showing all major sites on our way to the “Last Supper” painting, which was our final stop. It was really fun and a nice way to see the city since it was pretty chilly.


The rest of the weekend we spent shopping and exploring Milan. Our hotel was situated by a number of cute boutiques that were fun to venture into. We all didn’t buy much, but had a lot of fun trying things on and seeing what the stores had to offer.

Hot Chocolate at Farage

OMG Jenny had recommended that we go to this hot chocolate shop, Farage. It was the best thing ever. Hot chocolate in Europe is not like it in the States. Here, it is literally melted chocolate. I got dark chocolate with whip cream and it was heavenly, especially since it was so cold and gross out!

Sights from Milan



Indoor Bar at our Hotel


Last Supper


When in Italy, one must eat the colors of the Flag 

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