Travel Diary: Venice

Where We Stayed
Charming House DD724
This was the cutest little hotel tucked back by the Guggenheim museum. There were not many rooms, but the rooms were really nice. We were able to get a room with 2 twin beds so Lizzy and I didn’t have the share. And the bathroom – OMG literally anything is better than our apartment shower, but a rain shower is the greatest thing ever. Though our apartment isn’t terrible, I’ve really come to appreciate nice(r) bathrooms and showers!

What We Did
Saint Mark’s Basilica 
You can’t go to Venice without visiting the Basilica – it supposedly has the remains of Mark, the gospel writer, which Venice stole to bring people to visit and make money. Apparently back in the day, to have the full body of a gospel writer, was major for a city. You can’t get too close in the church, nor can you take pictures inside, but it is a beautiful place.

Piazza San Marco
If you didn’t know, I’m terrified of birds – pigeons especially. So the piazza is basically my worst nightmare. There are birds EVERYWHERE and for whatever reason, people think it’s fun to feed them and have them land on them… It makes my stomach nauseous to see that. When we were in the piazza, Lizzy and I had our picture taken, but that was it. The less time we spent there, the better it was.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum
This was a last minute decision, but one I’m happy we did. It was a museum in Peggy’s house on the canal. There were so many works of art by Picasso and so many beautiful things to look at within her home too.

Doge’s Palace
We did the Secret Tour at the Doge’s Palace since we are able to get student tickets. It was really cool to see the prison cells and hear the stories of Casanova and about that time. I had done this tour with my parents a few years ago during the summer and it was so hot that I couldn’t remember anything that we saw or heard about. I was purely focused on how hot I was. This time, it was chilly. We went in the morning, so it was cool, but the palace retains the cold and Lizzy and I could not wait to finish so we could go warm up. It was definitely worth the tour, though.

Getting Lost
One thing I was told the first time I came to Venice was to get lost. Well when it’s smoking hot outside, the last thing you want to do is get lost. This time, since the weather was nice, we were able to “get lost.” Just walking around and seeing the city of Venice was really fun and you never knew what the street would lead to.

Venetian Sights


Water Taxi to Hotel


Venice is known for seafood – so seafood pasta


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