Travel Diary: Day Trip to Pisa

On Friday, we did a day trip to Pisa. It’s about an hour train ride from Florence and it was fun to go see the tower since that is literally all there is to do. Lizzy and I went with a group of girls we had met our first week here and it was nice to travel with a big group. We took the train in the afternoon since we knew we only wanted to spend a few hours there. As soon as we arrived at the train station, we headed straight for the tower and had our photo shoot. It was really fun and it’s hilarious watching people trying to get the perfect picture.

After we finally got the right picture, we walked around a bit to see what Pisa had to offer (which wasn’t much) and found a cute place for lunch. We then headed back to the tower to go into the cathedral right by it and then back on the train to head back to Florence.


When we arrived back in Florence and ended our night at the chocolate festival that was going on at Piazza Santa Maria Novella. HOLY YUM! There were so many different types of chocolate and a million different ways to eat it. I got chocolate dipped cake pops and a waffle on a stick dipped in chocolate. Literally the greatest thing ever!


This is all chocolate!!

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