Travel Diary: Rome

This past weekend, Lizzy, Kayleigh and I packed up our backpacks and headed to Roma! We took the train from Florence, which was a super easy hour plus ride and arrived in Rome around 11 am. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed out for the day! Rome was a nice getaway weekend and we especially loved the shower at our hotel!



 Palazzo Al Velabro

We booked out trip last minute and, of course, it was Valentine’s weekend, so a lot of places were already booked up. However, Palazzo Al Velabro wasn’t and boy are we happy it wasn’t. It was in the perfect location, right by some of the ruins and by Hercules’ Temple and an easy walk to everything we needed to see! It was a beautiful hotel and our room was really nice. We had 2 beds and a pullout and we all slept so comfortably, but the highlight of our room, aside form the small terrace and kitchenette, was the shower. I think we are all much more appreciative of a nice “big” shower, compared to our little one in our apartment. The hotel also came with breakfast, which was a nice way to start our mornings before our big walking adventures.



Big Bus Tour

After we had walked literally all over Rome to see the sights, we decided to do a bus tour to see them again but also give our legs a break. It was roughly a 2-hour hop on/off bus ride that started at the train station and took you to all the major sights. The nice part about the tour (aside from sitting) is that it gave you an audio history of what you were looking at, so we got a lot more information.


Vatican Museum

As an art history nerd, this was one of my favorite things we did. Not only is the Vatican filled with an insane amount of art, it also houses 2 of the most important works of art I learned about in class – the Sistine chapel and Raphael’s The School of Athens. The whole museum was beautiful and definitely worth going to!

St. Peter’s Basilica

Another beautiful place in the Vatican filled with history. And it was a good way to beat the heat that lasted only while we were in there!

Piazza Navona

We walked through this piazza during our excursion of the city and it was absolutely beautiful. There are 3 fountains that are so amazing to see and later at night there are street performers and people selling art!

Trevi Fountain

I literally could just sit and stare in awe of the fountain. It is breathtaking how massive it is and all the details. Definitely a fun place to people watch and take in the beauty of it.


Not too far from the Trevi Fountain is the Pantheon. Luckily, we made it just in time for the rain to begin, so we stopped and really took our time looking around. The coolest part with the rain was that it would slowly fall through the opening and was so beautiful, but it was hard to capture!

Villa Borghese

A beautiful villa set in a garden filled with art – how can it get any better? So fun to look at and some artists I had never heard of. Oddly enough, I ended up running into a girl that went to my high school there… After touring around the villa, we toured the gardens surrounding it and it was so fun! Definitely one of the best things we did.


Where didn’t we eat is probably a better question. We joked that we all needed to go on a juice cleanse after the trip from all the food we ate. We usually started with breakfast, then would grab lunch, then coffee, followed by gelato, and eventually dinner. It sounds like a lot, but when you are walking 9 miles all over Rome, on the cobblestones, you need a break eventually!

Piccolo Arancio

OMG, the cutest little place by the Trevi Fountain and it had the craziest pasta concoction I had ever seen, so naturally I had to get it. Ricotta and Orange Cream Ravioli… holy yum! Quite possibly one of the best things I have ever eaten!

Tony’s (Hosteria del Moro)

Seriously, this may have been the best pasta ever (I think this is going to be a reoccurring phrase)! I had gnocchi with gorgonzola and it was as delicious as the picture below looks. Lizzy had truffle ravioli and let me have a bite and it was just as good!

Thank goodness we walked though, since we literally just ate and ate!



Trevi Fountain








The School of Athens – Raphael




Bus Tour


Villa Borghese




One thought on “Travel Diary: Rome

  1. Judy Pariseau says:

    Gracie: remember that little sign I gave you that said: “She packed her bags, grabbed a great pair of shoes and went out to change the world”? Your intro to this narrative reminded me that you are doing just that! 😃

    Judy Pariseau Via Word


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