August/September Thus Far

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I don’t feel as though I’ve had a moment to breathe since school started. I’ve not only been going to class every week, but I also started an internship at a small PR & wholesale company. I really like it so far!

After the first week of school, I went to Las Vegas with my mom and my 2 best friends and their moms to celebrate our 21st birthdays! It was a lot of fun, but I almost didn’t make it… my flight from New York to Atlanta was delayed 2 hours, and when I landed in Atlanta, I had 3 minutes to get from my gate (B4) to the next gate (A10). I was the crazy person running through the airport with all of their luggage, but I made it; thank goodness! It was such a fun weekend filled with many memories we will all remember for the rest of our lives, and I couldn’t think of a better way to have celebrated 21!



At this internship, I’ve done a lot of sample trafficking, which can get slightly boring, but since the company works with so many different designers, sending and receiving the samples is a good way to get familiar with the products of each designer.

It also was New York Fashion Week a few weeks back, but it didn’t feel like it at all. Without Lincoln Center, NYFW was all over the city and was definitely a lot different than in past years. Though I only attended one show with a friend, through work I was able to make a few deliveries to celebrities and bloggers with items they were carrying, which was a lot of fun.


My friend Emily also got tickets to see Late Night With Seth Meyers film. It was so much fun. He really is that funny in real life! And although only our hands were on TV, we definitely enjoyed it

IMG_5793 IMG_5794

Mom and Dad came one weekend, which was really fun! We just got my room completely organized and settled! We saw Hamilton on Broadway, which was incredible! It was so amazing that they were able to take history and rap/rhyme/sing the entire show. It was funny and engaging, and I highly recommend it! We loved it!

IMG_5830 IMG_5847 IMG_5855

I also found out that my roommate Lizzy and I were accepted to study abroad in Florence Italy next semester, which we are both REALLY excited about (see the photo below)!


Since we have “limited” time in the city this semester, and the weather was so nice, we decided to really enjoy our time here. So this past weekend, Lizzy and I rented Citibikes and rode down to Brookfield Place, near the World Trade Center, for lunch. We then walked down to Battery Park City and enjoyed the nice weather! On our way home, we passed by a movie theater and decided ‘what the hey’ and went to see The Intern. It was super cute, but I cried a lot more than I probably should have.




On Sunday, it was the Hoboken Art Festival… Lizzy and I LOVE Hoboken and want to move there eventually — it’s such a cute town and very friendly and quiet and homey 🙂 We went with our friend Brian and explored the festival as well as Hoboken! We had lobster rolls, BBQ, and, of course, we stopped at Carlo’s Bakery for cannolis! It was a very fun, but exhausting weekend! I’m already looking forward to next weekend!





We ended the weekend attempting to watch the Super Moon. We saw it for a quick second before the clouds took over, in our PJs, on the roof, with neighbors we didn’t know we had!!


Well, that’s life right now! Hectic, but fun!